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6 Effective ways to remove stretch marks

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is a natural medicine. Aloe vera gel and almond oil can reduce itching and accelerate skin healing.

Lemon juice and cucumber juice.

Apply an equal amount of lemon juice and

cucumber juice to the affected area until it is absorbed by the skin, stay on the skin for about 10 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water

Coconut oil

Research shows that extra virgin coconut oil helps treat wind and is an excellent body moisturizer.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub may be extraordinarily helpful. Perform the subsequent steps

1.Grind a cup of sugar with 1/three cup of a smoothing agent, like coconut oil, earlier than blending to the consistency of moist seaside sand.

2.Mix lemon juice.

3.Apply the answer over the region in your skin.

4.Rub the combination for 6-eight predominant each day earlier than taking a shower

Cocoa Butter:

Using cocoa butter to remove stretch marks during pregnancy is one of the most effective ways to remove stretch marks after pregnancy. Generally speaking, you should apply coca oil before going to bed during this period. The character will fade over time.

Castor oil

Stretch marks are usually dry and rough. Castor oil helps to replenish and soften the nutrients and moisture lost in the body

Take away

The question now is how to prevent stretch marks. The best remedy is to maintain moisture ,which you will get by Using Inostretch - anti stretch mark cream , it keeps the body hydrated and lighten up the stretch marks, It rarely lasts for a long time. However, maintaining a healthy weight through a good diet and yoga can help you avoid unnecessary stains.

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