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7 tips to maintain vigour & vitality in Men naturally

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‘In the central place of every heart, there is a recording chamber; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer and courage, you are young.’ ~ Samuel Ullman

Today’s lifestyle, work stress, family responsibilities, financial challenges, odd food habits, compromised food & water quality and climate change have high impact on physical and mental health. By all these even the hormones in our body gets affected immensely. In long run we lose vigour and vitality. Some studies have said that the most productive age in a man’s life is not his 20s or 30s, but 60 to 70. Other studies also confirms that the second most productive age is between 70 and 80. However, in India the average life expectancy by 2019 is 70 years. Hence, one need to be very conscious & careful about his mental and physical health once he is at his late 20’s or in his 30’s.

The most important hormone in a man that keeps the vigour & vitality up is Testosterone. 'Male Hypogonadism' affects 26.1 percent of the working population of Indian men and is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, including smoking, consuming alcohol and junk food, high stress levels etc. The hormone plays a key role in masculine growth and development during puberty (Source: Business Standard article).

Now the question can it be managed or improved? If YES, then HOW? The only proven method to improve vitality and balanced hormones without side effects is through natural ways and by adopting a disciplined and healthy lifestyle.

Here are 7 evidence-based ways to improve testosterone levels and enhance vitality in men;

1. Exercise daily

For everybody 45 min to 1 hour exercise on regular basis is highly effective to avoid life-style diseases and boosting different hormones in body. It also keeps up your mental fitness. Weight lifting is also one of the proven workouts for uplifting the hormones.

New research says that exercise and weight lifting can immensely help obese men to boost testosterone than weight-loss diet.

2. Add Protein, healthy fats & Carbs in diet

‘What you eat is what you are’. Your food has high impact on creating and maintaining different hormones in body. Constant dieting or over-eating may disturb your testosterone levels too. A perfect planed diet, calorie intake would help you boosting your hormones, in strengthening your bones and muscles alongside.

A diet strategy based on whole food is the best, with a balance of fat, protein and carbs. This can improve both hormone levels and over-all health.

3. Practice Meditation to minimise stress & Cortisol levels

Research & studies have said the gross effect of 20 minutes practice of meditation on mental and physical health. Regular Meditation helps to maintain a balance in hormones. It also helps immensely is minimising stress and anxiety.

As studies have said high stress and anxiety badly affects the sex hormones resulting into low productivity. The stress & Cortisol levels can be managed and kept healthy by regular practice of Meditation.

Hobbies and interests also help in minimising stress and cortisol levels.

4. Expose to Sun for sometime to enhance Vitamin D

Recently it is seen that Vitamin D has become the world’s most popular vitamin. It is surprising to know that most of the population is lacking Vitamin D when we have it in the nature in abundance, Sun is the source house of Vitamin D.

Studies have shown that, vitamin D and calcium also optimises testosterone levels, mainly in elderly men. To boost testosterone and for many other benefits of vitamin D, try to get regular exposure to sunlight or take around 3,000 IU of a vitamin D3 supplement daily. You may find many trustworthy Calcium Citrate & Vitamin D3 supplements in OTC pharma.

5. Have enough sound sleep & relaxing hours

High quality sleep and rest is as important as a good diet and daily exercise. Without a good sleep one can’t have a healthy life. Now many of us are struggling with lifestyle diseases and other diseases due to lack of good sleep. It is recommended to have minimum 7 hours of sleep daily.

Lack of sleep may also have major effects on your testosterone levels. In between your busy work schedule, you also need to take breaks to relax. Naps are considered to be highly effective to boost your energy level.

6. Herbal supplements to improve vitality & stamina naturally

There are very few scientifically proven herbal vitality and stamina boosters available in the market. The most researched and studied herb is Ashwagandha. Even many studies says Ginger extract works well.

However, the herbal supplements contains multiple herbs, making the product more powerful. Make sure the chosen herbal supplement is designed in a scientific way to improve stamina, strength, vigour and vitality in men. Ayurvedic herbs combined with a hi-tech extraction process to give 100% purity. The herbal formulation means that there are no side effects and the capsules are 100% veg making it consumable by all communities.

7. Follow health lifestyle and get rid of additive habits

Having a holistic approach towards life is primary. A healthy life style would help in having a good happy life.

A healthy sex life plays an important role in regulating your sex hormone and testosterone levels. It’s probably no surprise that excess alcohol or drug use can also decrease testosterone levels. Whereas laughter, happiness and success may help boost your health and an active life — so make sure they’re a part of your daily life.

Importance of maintaining hormone levels

Along with testosterone, Follicle Stimulating Hormones (FSH) and Luteinizing hormones are major. Testosterone is found both in men and women, however it is relatively less in case of women. In man Testosterone is considered as the primary sex hormone whereas in woman other key hormones like Progesterone and Estrogen are also found as sex hormones.

In men from the age of 25–30, testosterone levels naturally start to decline. And as above-mentioned reason the it may decline faster. Which is a serious concern for Gen Y. Following a balanced lifestyle, good mental health & supplements to everyday life the vitality and vigour can be maintained.

Note: Muslizen is a proven herbal formula (100% herbal) without any side effects. Its completely natural and vegetarian capsule. It contains 9 purest herbs offers ultra-vitality for men to give best performance.


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