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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Ultimate Skincare

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Coconut Oil gives an unblemished beauty

Coconut oil is famously used as hair oil throughout Indian culture from ancient times. Coconut oil massage is more than a tradition. No matter how modern approaches come into our lives, certain things are evergreen, such as the tradition of coconut oil application for hair and skin. In some southern parts of India, it is even used for cooking purposes.

Coconut oil contains many nutritional values, and it adds a unique flavor to food. How is it collected? Coconut oil is extracted from the kernels of coconuts. There is a process of oil extraction that coconuts go through. Coconut oil is extensively used in different industries, like food, cooking, medicine, and cosmetics. It is considered bio-diesel.

Due to its antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, coconut oil is also used for medication. Coconut oil is mostly composed of saturated fats, including lauric acid and capric acid, which have numerous benefits for our skin's protective barrier function and help our skin's barrier remain healthy, moisturized, and looking beautiful!

Coconut oil absorbs easily into the skin, where it may prevent free radical damage. Commercially available coconut oils can vary in quality. However, virgin coconut oil is the purest form.

Benefits of Coconut oil for all skin type

Protects skin from harmful microorganisms

The fatty acids that coconut oil contains, namely lauric and capric acid, helps in keeping skin healthy with their antimicrobial properties by killing harmful microorganisms that can grow on the skin surface. Common skin infections are acne and cellulitis are caused by fungi and bacteria.

Highly moisturizing

Coconut oil has been shown to be an excellent moisturizer for dry, cracked skin. Coconut oil helps to hydrate skin and fortify its natural defensive barrier to retain moisture. Hence this makes coconut oil a favorite moisturizer for dry skin. It also makes skin soft and supple.

Support healing

Coconut oil has been shown to increase antioxidants and collagen levels, which are crucial for skin regeneration and healing.

Help to reduce inflammation

Another benefit of coconut oil for skin is that it can help to reduce inflammation by increasing antioxidant levels. Antioxidants help to combat free radicals, which can cause inflammation.

Contributes to a more even skin tone

Coconut oil can decrease dark spots, relieve irritation, and improve uneven skin tone.

Reduces signs of ageing

By enhancing the natural production of collagen, coconut oil helps to improve skin elasticity. Improved skin elasticity reduces the skin aging therefore fine lines and wrinkles go off with time.

8 fatty acids that make coconut oil amazing for skin conditions;

  1. Caprylic Acid 

  2. Capric Acid 

  3. Lauric Acid

  4. Myristic Acid 

  5. Palmitic Acid

  6. Stearic Acid

  7. Oleic Acid 

  8. Linoleic Acid 

Benefit of coconut oil on stretch mark and scars

Stretch marks are scars caused by straining the skin too quickly or beyond its elastic capacity. They can affect both males and women. Stretch marks are not a medical problem; they are a normal phenomenon that most people have. However, some people may want to try to prevent or limit its occurrence. Applying virgin coconut oil to the skin on a regular basis, either alone or in combination with other emollient oils, may help prevent or speed up the healing of stretch marks. It may also assist to reduce their look.It works in three dimensions, they are;

  • Prevention

Coconut oil is very emollient and can help keep your skin nourished. This may make it more elastic and resistant to stretch marks. Its lauric acid content allows it to be easily absorbed deep into the skin's layers, where it may stimulate collagen formation. Use coconut oil as a topical therapy or add it to your bath to soften your skin.

  • Healing

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that may help shorten the healing time of existing stretch marks. Its ability to deeply moisturize skin may also help alleviate irritation caused by stretch marks.

  • Improves appearance

Coconut oil is often used to brighten the skin. In olden days the oil was directly applied on the stretch marks to lighten them.

Advanced anti-stretch mark cream Inostretch is made with the Regestril™ formula, which contains ingredients like rutin, coconut oil, two peptides and many more to help fade stretch marks and scars with regular use in just 60 days.

One of the benefits of coconut oil is that it has been shown to greatly boost skin hydration while remaining moisturized for extended periods of time. Coconut oil is an effective therapy for dry and cracked skin, replacing lost moisture and strengthening the skin barrier to retain it.


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