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Blood Purification: Essential, Process and Natural Way

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Blood is the life source as it brings oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body for their functioning. Blood helps other organs function effectively. Blood is living tissue made up of liquid and solid matter. Over half of the blood is plasma that contains water, salts and protein considered as a liquid portion of the blood . The solid part of blood contains platelets, red and white blood cells. Along with giving red tint to the blood it is the oxygen-carrying proteins in red blood cells called haemoglobin. Blood purification requires only attention and little effort on your part. While there will be a lot of information and ways when searching for how to purify blood, it is essential to understand the fundamentals to make an informed decision.

Function of blood

Blood does many functions that work together to keep a person function wee, stay healthy and strong from within.

1. The blood transports oxygen and chemicals to the sites where they are needed.

2. White blood cells provide constant protection against pathogenic attacks.

3. Different organs in your body release toxins, which must be removed from the body. Toxins in the blood are carried to excretory organs like the kidneys and liver.

Because the blood transports so many toxins on a daily basis, cleansing or purifying it can aid in the prevention of blood poisoning. The pH of blood is also important for ensuring that the blood functions properly.

Benefits of having purified blood

Except transportation, blood purification provides the following benefits:

1. Better immunity

2. Healthy, glowing skin

3. Cholesterol levels can be controlled by blood purifying processes.

4. Detoxification involves removing the free radicals build-up from the body

5. overall impact on the metabolic activities hence aids in weight loss.

Blood cleansing process

There are three main organs that help in the transportation and exchange of substances: the Lungs, the Kidneys, and the Liver.

The liver takes care of the majority of the detoxification and purification processes in the first step. The liver aids in the conversion of food into energy, the production of more blood cells, and the conversion of toxins into compounds that can be safely removed from the body. Pair of kidneys works as filters. They filter the blood and remove toxins produced by the liver. The lungs aid in the regulation of blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Any disorder affecting these organs can have an impact on the functioning and health of the blood.

The detoxification process is carried out by the spleen, intestines, lymphatic system, and skin, in addition to these organs that aid in the main purification process. As a result, taking a comprehensive approach to blood purification will ensure that all of these systems work properly.

Naturals to blood purification

Food is the foundation of every person's physical, mental, and even emotional well-being. The kind of food you choose determines your health and happiness. Blood cleansing or purification is already done by the designated organs, so when you take care of these crucial organs automatically, the blood purification process becomes right. We will discuss the natural ways in two parts: food and lifestyle.


The body uses food as a major source of energy to carry out its daily tasks. Food provides humans with energy, and fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals that support the body's functions. Continue to eat in moderation because consuming too many raw fruits and vegetables can also result in an accumulation of excess minerals that could harm internal organs.

The best foods for blood purification are thought to be the following ones;

1. Leafy green vegetables like spinach or kale are rich in iron and are considered to be great sources for folic acid. These vegetables assist the liver in producing enzymes that make the blood purification process smoother. In fact, these leafy vegetables are called ‘blood purifier food’.

2. Water is a universal coolant and, for the human body, works as a great blood purifier. More than 60% of the human body is made of water. The blood plasma is primarily water. Staying hydrated also helps the kidneys to effectively flush out the toxins.

3. Beetroot is high in antioxidants and nitrates. Both these substances are essential to help the liver counter inflammatory damages that further increase the efficiency of the organ.

4. Onion are a great source of sulphur and phosphorus. Sulphur is known to prevent bacterial growth in the body. Eating a raw onion every day can help the blood detox and get rid of skin conditions.

5. Blueberries contain all the essential flavonoids that aid in the overall enhancement of the body.

6. Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are a great storehouse of antioxidants. The antioxidants in lemon, when combined with warm water and honey, provide a boost to the kidneys.

7. Some of the most beneficial blood purifier herbs are;

Green tea and green coffee are also great blood purifiers. They attack the harmful free radicals and prevent toxin build-up in the system.

Indian Gooseberry or Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants helps in blood purification by flushing the toxins out and it also helps enhance blood circulation.

Parsley works in aiding liver functionality and also enhances the urine volume while strengthening the kidneys.

Neem is considered to be the panacea of plants. Neem is known as a great blood purifier. Even tulsi and many other herbs are great for blood purification.

Lifestyle tips for blood purification

The key organs for blood purification should be strengthened by food and lifestyle. Food alone cannot make the whole system work properly. Making these lifestyle changes can also help.

Lifestyle changes include;

1. Stress management, taking out time for relaxation. When the body is under constant stress, it can become tense, and hypertension often damages critical organs.

2. A disciplined routine will help in having a good metabolism that will, ultimately, help in blood purification.

3. Working out is a great way to balance hormones and pH levels, proper blood circulation, weight management, to reduce fat and cholesterol.

4. Regulating the sleep cycle and also eating in moderation aids in blood purification.

5. If you are looking for natural ways to purify blood, avoiding alcohol and smoking should be considered. Alcohol consumption can damage the liver whereas active and passive smoking can injure the lungs. When the main blood purification devices are damaged, the blood will be high in toxins.

These lifestyle changes will also help counter early signs of ageing and strengthen the immune system.

The process of blood purification should be part of daily routine. Bringing changes to your diet and lifestyle can help you holistically address many health problems. Finding ways to help these vital organs function more efficiently is the best bet for naturally purifying your blood. Make the changes needed for a better and healthier you.


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