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Health Tips For Your Next Trip

Health Tip for travellers, Health tips for trip, Travelling  First Aid Kit
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Travel enthusiasts love to travel all season, whenever they get a chance. However, the most preferred time in India for travelling is from September to March, as during this time the weather becomes comfortable and festive holidays make travelling a favourite of all. Everyone loves exploring a new place, a culture, or a site. A vacation is needed as a break from a hectic lifestyle. And then you start afresh. There are different types of trips; they can be with a partner, family, friends, for work, or on a solo trip. In any case, travelling needs proper planning. A well-planned trip makes your experience better and memorable one, whereas the wrong planning can be devastating.

After deciding on a destination, a travel itinerary is the first step. However, in everything, the most important thing is your "health." If you are not feeling fine or down with any sickness, your trip can get cancelled, and more worrying is when you fall sick during a trip. So, along with all the preparation for the trip, take good care of your health to ensure a successful trip without any health complications. Uncertainty is out of hand, but precaution is always better.

Let us tell you some important tips to avoid health emergencies during a trip and how to make a trip a fit-trip.

1. Wearables

For clicking good pictures, you definitely have your favourite dresses, but don’t miss out on packing the clothes needed to keep you warm if your destination is a low-temperature place. To stay safe from tanning and sunburn, get full sleeves, caps, hats, socks, jackets, and a windcheater or scarf. Sunglasses you can’t forget anyway. Female travellers must surely carry sanitary pads, even if their dates are over. Make sure you have a sunscreen lotion above 50 SPF in your bag.

2. Travel first aid kit

You can’t forget to carry a small pouch of a traveller’s first aid kit. It should contain;

  • Common medicines for fever, diarrhoea, acidity, headache, cold, and cough

  • Some cotton, antiseptic liquid, and adhesive bandages

  • Zeno pain gel for instant pain relief is a must.

  • Be smart to keep WonderPro Super probiotic. Probiotics are good bacteria for your Gut. It keeps you healthy from core.

  • An OTC eye drops for saving eyes from foreign particles and pollution. Ger relief from eye redness. If you are a contact lens user you must carry EyeSpa Regular Eye Drops.

You may experience acidity, headaches, or a sprain while travelling or doing any activity like hiking, water sports, etc. Some people have a tendency to vomit while travelling; they must carry their specific tablets along with a water bottle and vomiting disposable bags.

3. Mask and sanitizer

The compulsive use of sanitizer and masks is no longer as prevalent as it was a year ago. Maybe the threat of COVID-19 has gone, but the potential risks of other viruses and pollutants are still there, and at the same time, you never know if a new threat arrives in a crowd of people from different places. Wearing a good mask and using sanitizer as and when necessary can keep you protected. Carry them always, without waiting for any pandemic to come with strict guidelines.

4. Eat good, Drink enough, Sleep sound

A healthy diet that contains loads of fiber, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals provides the body with the necessary nutrition. Consume leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and veggies, lentils, and eggs well in advance. Eating well and drinking enough water solve most of the issues in life. A healthy body can take the healthy decisions and actions needed to accomplish a task. Hydration is too important for proper bowel movement, which is associated with many digestive issues. If you go unhydrated, you may experience bad headaches. To keep yourself hydrated, drink 7-8 glasses of water. You can also drink fruit juices, coconut water, and buttermilk.

Similarly, sleep is important. Often, people get engaged in winding up pending work, planning, packing, and disturbing their sleep. They don’t get long and sound sleep. Many people get exhausted before starting the trips; that's bad! Its’ spoiling. To enjoy the best, take care of your food, timing, hydration, and sound sleep hours.

5. Food supplements

Food supplements can come in handy when you don’t meet your nutritional needs on your trip. You may not get your preferred food with all the hygiene and freshness you need while travelling. Your lunch may be a slice of bread and some chips. To accomplish the nutritional needs, you can take a glass of multivitamin. Along with providing vitamins and minerals, you get hydration. It's easy to carry. Try Tuskca Multivitamin on your next trip. It’s refreshing, yummy, and nutritional.

6. Stay stress-free

No worries; only make merry! Stress eats you all up. Plan in advance, make the itinerary ready, and take all the information about the destination, transport, government rules, and documents needed. Tick on all the things needed and relax! Your aim is to enjoy the whole process.

Vacation doesn’t start when you reach the destination. It starts from the moment you start planning, then implement strategically, and come back with a big smile.


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