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Festive Season Tips For Real Skin Glow

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Festive Glow (Credit: Google Image)

The days gone by of humid monsoons might have left your skin dull and tanned. The festive season is already here, and big celebrations are approaching faster. There is a lot to do to get ready for the festivities. Cleaning the house, deciding decoration, savours, new clothes, make-up, vacation—what about skin care? Let’s prep your skin instantly to give it a natural skin glow.

The monsoon is on the verge of ending,and you are all set to welcome the festive season. There will be many arrangements and preparations for the festivals back-to-back, and everything about self-care is generally missed. But you can enjoy your best time with family and friends only when you feel and look great.

Skincare tips for the festive season

A gorgeous dress, a salon visit, and make-up are not enough. Be patient, and give yourself the best treatment from within. Along with external applications, take care of your internal health so that you get an organic glow all over. Since expenses are higher during these days of celebration, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket by buying expensive cosmetics. Are you ready to jot down pocket-friendly skincare tips for the festive season?

You can easily get radiance by using some cosmetics, but with the right skin care and good food, you can get a permanent glow.

Let’s dive into some of the best ways to prepare your skin for this festive season.

1. Keep it clean

Cleaning is key to having healthy skin. It is the first step in any skincare routine. Use a good cleanser that suits your skin type and removes dirt and debris without drying out your skin. After cleansing, apply a mild moisturiser without fail.

2. Exfoliation is a must

Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells from your skin's outer layer. Eventually improves the skin's appearance. However, it is not for everyone. If not done correctly, it may harm rather than benefit. So before trying exfoliation, know about it correctly and use the right product for it.

3. Massage

A little face massage every now and then will revitalise your complexion. It will also help to enhance blood circulation. You can use different essential face oils rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and E, and other antioxidants for the best experience. You can try jade rollers for face massage.

4. Glutathione and vitamin C boost skin

Glutathione combined with Vitamin C not only performs beautifying benefits but also aids in the skin’s renewal and cell turnover itself. When your body is properly nourished with antioxidants such as glutathione and vitamin C, your skin will be the first to start regenerating and showing the results.

Here are some of the other benefits of glutathione and vitamin C;

  • Scar lightening

  • Anti-ageing

  • Fights oxidative stress from free radicals

  • It replenishes collagen so the skin remains smooth, tight, and glowing

  • It heals fine lines and wrinkles

  • Continuously promotes skin cell regeneration so the skin self-heals and wound healing

Skin brightening and lightening: this duo of antioxidants does promote strong skin cell renewal, which naturally aids and promotes brighter, luminous skin, lightening dark spots, and eradicating pigmentation.

5. Morning routine

The morning shows the day! Make your morning routine perfect to shape your day. Either it is about your body, mind, or skin, you need to devote time to daily exercise! All you need to do is set aside 40 minutes a day every morning for a good workout that includes yoga, breathing exercises, cardio, or strength training. It helps remove the toxins through sweat that clog the pores and brighten the skin with some added glow easily. It is a holistic way to detox your skin and make it look healthy.

6. Eat healthy and hydrate well

What you feed your stomach has a big impact on your skin's health. What you eat will be visible on your face. As the holiday season approaches, add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Include omega-3-rich foods like walnuts, avocados, beetroots, sweet potatoes, and salmon in your diet. Avoid oils and sodas in favour of healthful liquids such as lemon or orange juice.

Water is the beauty elixir your body needs. It can cause facial issues such as pigmentation, acne, dullness, under-eye bags, and puffiness on the skin. It detoxifies your whole system. Whether you are going for a pooja or a party, carry your water bottle and stay hydrated.

7. Be Cheerful

Last but not least, avoid stress and tension for a healthier body and skin. Bad stress can show up on the face and rob it of its skin glow. Keep things easy and take it light. Meditation is a game-changer. To stay stress-free and relax, try 15 minutes of meditation every day before bed or in the morning.

Skin care products and cosmetics should be chosen wisely. Note that the results may differ as per your skin type and complexion. The above healthy practices will keep you fit from the roots, and undoubtedly, you're going to glow. Organic habits need time to show results, so be patient and kind to yourself. Have a great festive season ahead.


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